ATH-LDN - 16-29 April 2007 - Showcasing some of the most innovative musicians, sound artists, producers, performers and DJs working in Greece today.

ATH-LDN 16-29 Apr 2007

Hellenic Sonic Airlines
welcomes you on board

ATH-LDN presents a wide panorama of contemporary audio production emerging from Greece across various platforms & venues in London: an aural journey through sound installations, experimental live art performances, independent record label showcases, art-rock performances & actions, audio-visual experiences and radio sessions. An eclectic mix of established & emergent art practitioners who focus on the creative use of both digital & analogue sound, multi-media & other current technologies, while finding inventive ways to perform, communicate and distribute their work.

We will be traveling with the speed of sound. Please ensure that you have fastened your headphones before take-off.

Thank you for choosing Hellenic Sonic Airlines. Enjoy the flight.

Creative direction & project coordination
Chloe Vaitsou

Graphic & web design

Jingle sound design

Technical Support
Michalis Kokkoliadis
Nikos Triantafylou
Marco Berardi

Olly Price
Mai Thang
Fabrizio Weiss
Maria Agiomyrgiannaki

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