ATH-LDN - 16-29 April 2007 - Showcasing some of the most innovative musicians, sound artists, producers, performers and DJs working in Greece today.

ATH-LDN 16-29 Apr 2007


Radio Sessions
ResonanceFM 104.4fm
Between 16-29 April

Radio Sessions

ResonanceFM will host a series of improvised collaborations, album presentations & showcases by selected Greek producers:

April 16th, 7-8pm: The Callas present - Hellenic Artrock scene!!!...sun, beaches, Parthenon, moustaches, souvlaki, ouzo mmmmmm!!! But!!! Not only that!...stay tuned and you'll discover some great artrock bands The Callas will introduce you to the amazing world of exotic artrock!!!

April 17th, 7-8pm: Textu rizer
Textu rizer, the electroacoustic duo comprising of Nikos Veliotis and Coti will be playing live material from their recent release '7'. Coti will be playing cello audio and Nikos Veliotis cello video. This is probably the first time video will be transmitted live over the radio so stay tuned!!

April 23rd, 7-8 pm: Yuria 2006 - "it's all greek to you?"
A one hour radio program is enough to learn the Greek basics: just listen to key-figure local bands as recorded live in a festival that takes place every November in a small record store named vinyl microstore. The name of the festival is "Yuria" in honour of Yuri, the small white dog of the record store. Broadcasting in Greek and English. Narrated by Nektarios Pappas

April 24th, 7-8pm: Quetempo improvised live session
The quetempo artists will present a collaborative improvisation of live electronics and acoustics minus the space bar. The team consists biomass, electroware, voltnoi, baumann, mr. comfort, illex and evgeniou. They use custom made electronic instruments, microphones and some acoustic instruments.

April 28th, 8-9.30: Poeta Negra at Nick Luscombe's Flo-Motion show
Peekay Tayloh & Spyweirdos will play a warm-up show at Nick Luscombe's Flo-Motion program at Resonance FM, before their ICA gig on the 28th
of April. Tune in at 8pm London time for an
ear-boggling experience!

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